Used Car History for a great price

Here you go...

I want to make it very simple... no big claims, no marketing techniques, no fancy website or advertisement so that I can get this service very cheap for you. Here what you get what you want for a rock bottom price.

Used car history reports for a cheap price. 

If you are the owner of the car and would like to sell your car fast: Needless to say, these reports will definitely help you sell your used car fast and for a fair price. Especially when you put your ad on Kijiji, Craigslist or such websites these reports definitely will add that extra punch. Many car owners who listed their cars in Kijiji or Craigslist used to get request from customers for Car proof, CarFax or AutoCheck reports, and you know what, those reports would cost you a minimum of $29 per report!!

If you are a buyer looking for a used car: Do you want to buy someones scrap or junk for your hard earned money!! No, never. In the same time how many such car proof or history report you can afford. You cannot go for car history or proof reports for every car you are researching before you buy, but the truth is that once you have shortlisted few cars, these reports will definitely would help you to make a right decision. Again, you cannot afford such reports because of the higher price.

Don't worry, probably I can help you here:

If you are the owner or the buyer, I can offer 2 car history reports (called CX and AK report) for one great price!! Yes, just for $ 8 I can give you one CX report and one AK report per VIN (vehicle Identification Number). If you have reached here by following my email or following my ad you might be aware what is CX and AK reports by now, if not send me an email to and I will get back to you very shortly with all detail.

What are you waiting for, your are getting not 1 but 2 different reports for 1 great now from below =====>

Don't worry on payment, your payment is collected through 100% secure PayPal gateway. I do not need explain PayPal to you, do I ??

Just $8 for 1 CX and 1 AK report.
Just $6 for 1 CX report.
Just $5 for 1 AK report

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this... I never thought I would get the report in just 1 hour!!

Anonymous said...

great service... I almost spen $39 before I see this save me bugs thanks

Car Proof Guy said...

thanks guys...please come back again..

Anonymous said...

Got reports, thanks. It would have been nice if the report is available immediately..

Car Proof Guy said...

Thanks, yes we trying to automate it soon..

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Everything you guys did was completely professional and as promised. No catches or strings attached. Keep up the good work. Definitely will recommend you.